Learn how to write a Binge-worthy & Engaging Web Series!

Crafting standout web series isn't just about words; it's about weaving digital tales that resonate. Uncover the secrets of web series storytelling in our 3 hour basics of writing for series workshop!

What are you going to learn?

Introduction to writing for Web Series and TV shows

Overview of the unique characteristics and considerations of writing for web series and TV shows including format, audience, and distribution platforms for web series

Three-act and
Five-act screenplay structures

Understanding these structures provides a framework for organizing the plot and character arcs, allowing for a well-balanced and engaging narrative

Writing a Webisode Structure

Determine the length, pacing, and story progression within each episode to keep the audience engaged and also learn how to end your episode

Freytag's Pyramid

Explore Freytag's Pyramid narrative structure that outlines the five essential elements of a story: exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.

Character development and arcs

Learn the principles of character development and their arcs to create complex and dynamic characters with distinct arcs, motivations, and growth throughout the web series.

Understanding webseries formats and lengths

Understand the different formats and their constraints to fit the desired web series length, ensuring a well-paced and engaging viewing experience.

Writing a pilot episode

Learn how to effectively structure and write a pilot episode that plays a crucial role in introducing the world, characters, and central conflicts.

Developing high concepts and core themes

Develop high concepts and core themes such as unique and compelling premises and underlying ideas and tones that resonate with the target audience.

Who is this workshop for?

Aspiring Screenwriters

who want to get started with the basics to structure their thinking and hone their skills

TV Show and Web series Enthusiasts

who love series and everything it encompasses, and want to interact with a passionate community to grow and explore!

Content Managers and Show runners

who want to revisit and understand new developments in the industry!


who want to learn the art of storytelling which will help you convey your emotions and feelings in a structured manner


aspiring to take their first step into the industry. Don't worry we start from the basics

Mr. Santhosh Mathevan

Screenwriter | Script Doctor | Content Manager | Journalist

Santhosh Mathevan is a diverse writer since 2015, covering cinema, TV, relationships, culture, and history.

He has worked with The New Indian Express, Vikatan, News Today and more print and digital platforms.

He then evolved into a screenwriter, collaborating with production houses like Vivekananda Pictures, Estrella Stories, Happy High Pictures and many more.

He passionately imparts screenwriting wisdom through workshops, guest lectures, podcasting shows and script consulting and doctoring. 

He currently is the founder of Thiraikkadhaippoma, a podcasting show which also houses writers' room which scripts movies and TV shows. 

Love from our writing community!

For someone that has never known anything about screenwriting, it was quite explanatory and enlightening. Got me quite interested in wanting to learn more about it. Really liked the explanations with all of the examples, didn't have any difficulty keeping up as a beginner 

Screenwriting Workshop

I loved everything which Praveen sir conveyed. It was so well defined, great information for a beginner to keep a step forward in their careers of filmmaking.

Screenwriting Workshop

You guys are doing a great job. I am a graduate from a film school. What I spent in school is way more compared to your courses. It is very informative. I appreciate the efforts.

Screenwriting Workshop

All the stories I have watched till now and loved,  got a whole new perspective for them. Keep up the good work team. Special thanks to Praveen, for doing great work.
Your dedication and patience are inspirational. No nonsense, no wastage of time, meticulously crafted lessons, patiently responding beyond time limit!

Screenwriting Workshop

I personally felt that the basics were explained in the best way possible. I could understand each and every line with no doubts. Smooth cruise of topics. Clarity as well. Glad I chose your platform as one of my initial steps towards my writing career.

Sonha Babusekar,  Batch 27
Screenwriting Workshop

It was absolutely great. Our teacher was amazing. He made everything sound simple and easy to follow, not at all monotonous or boring.

Screenwriting Workshop

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